I tend to shoot a lot of video. Predominantly of live music or musicians and it's been just great.

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Photos, photos are wonderful. I love a good shot, one framed 'just so'  and the subject looking as true as can be.

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Recording & Mixing

Guys, hire me for this, I really like it. I've done some schoolin' for such things and have been making music since recess.

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The Message

So here we are. I'm here writing this, and you're here reading this. We're here together in a staggered sort of way.

I work alone and I work with others. But how ever I work, and no matter the work, I strive to pull the substance from the subject; find an engaging and enriching element to bring into light. And do so with remarkable quality.

Sometimes I hit the mark, sometimes no, but each effort makes me better.

If you have a project you'd like to collaborate on or if you have a recipe you'd like to share,  do write me.